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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The clock ticks life away || 鱼塘投入的鱼花,明年这个时候就能出塘了。

A moment ago i remember just finishing my exams jumping up and down thinking about the amount of holidays im going to get and indulge myself in nothing but carefree time.
And now? classes are about to start and i've done nothing productive at all. in fact, i've messed myself up so much i start to shudder thinking about the fact some of the things are beyond repair.

Still, i had loads of fun and discovering certain potholes and walls that you can lean on whenever u need a helping hand.

whether or not as a group or as a small bunch of friends throwing air suam on each other or kidnapping mandarin oranges. my personal and junhin's artistic masterpiece below ;D

&& just get back up when u come tumbling down.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


sometimes i hope things would get better from time to time but no, it never did.
sometimes i feel that you would just be too demanding, with too high expectations set on me fearing for both, myself and this relationship.

true, i have my faults and my potholes.
but i have sincerely tried my best to accomodate this relationship.
i now feel the strain.

till time tells.

Monday, January 25, 2010

How much you mean to me|| 17.1.2010

17th january. the moment i asked you to be my girlfriend you smiled and without hesitation said "yes" and together we locked bodies together embracing each other so tightly breathing in exchanged carbon dioxide.

was the most serene moment where only time would hold its value and just stay stagnant.

it was the most IMBA memory etched into my mind =D not to mention the IMBA ways i used to captivate your heart =D=D=D

anyways lets just leave this to Mr.Time to tell its tale. till then ;D

signing off as the happiest guy on earth , AhKit!

Friday, November 27, 2009

//.Cupid Asked Me Whether He Should Aim The Love Arrow Right At Your Cerebral Membrane And I Told Him No, I Prefer To Earn It Myself.//和阮經天再續前緣?

You wanted me to be there for you, I did try my best occasionally slipping only for a few times where i couldn't actually help it like remember the time where things were impossible for me to continue on living like there's a faint, slim glittering chance that fate will play it's role.
I did all i could, went the distance for you, that extra mile, shed blood sweat and tears and cried ten feet deep miles of rivers over you. Finally it's better for us to go back where things used to be and hope that things get better in time. I told you I had another girl I was seeing in my life but truth be told I never did.

You're a great personality,
You have your own style,
It's real and it's genuine,
What an awesome profile.
If I could choose between being ignored or jilted, I would choose the latter. Almost done believing in you.

Friday, October 23, 2009

At the rate things are going, it just justifies my belief to never believe in forever.彩虹的旁邊 有星星幾點 迫不及待在眨眼

Sometimes when studies, social life, girls, sports take a toll where they consume so much of your time that you dont even realise the amount of quality time you spend with the people closest to you, who would support you no matter what, who are your pillars of strength, guidance and confidence, people who understands you the most.

to the people who are having their exams and are stressed out ready to pull your hair out of its roots, lemme enlighten you with a small dosage of humour. This guy is simply hilarious considering the fact that i am not a fan of self depreciating type of humour. enjoy ;D

Thursday, October 8, 2009

From just the usual hi-bye. 拼命想挽回的从前

because you give me something to look forward to besides the dreaded Monday blues,
because tutorials seem to pass so fast with u sitting right in front amplifying the otherwise boring naggings of the tutor,
because i smile to myself thinking about those cute little things u describe in detail,
because i got to know you in such a short time.Nom Nom Nom!

Monday, October 5, 2009

They kick you while you're already down.

Today on the way back home from uni, i witnessed a very disgusting and upsetting incident. As i was driving on the Old Klang Road, a motorcycle suddenly skidded and the motorist got thrown off his bike. As he was thrown off his bike he skidded along the road for several metres along with his bike. Judging from the speed that the other vehicles were travelling on the road since the traffic light was green, he was lucky there were no cars behind him otherwise he would be crushed to a pulp of human meat already under those tyres.

Here's the disgusting part, as he skidded along the road his handphone/wallet (im not really sure which was it) bobbed out of his pocket. Another motorist riding behind him stopped and u-turned to fetch the handphone/wallet and scooped it up. I was thinking to myself how nice of him to actually help the poor fella when thats the least he could do.

Much to my surprise that rotten motorist just scooped up the handphone/wallet and sped off with it. The poor injured guy could only stand, look and point at the thief who was speeding away with his valuables. What an epitome of cruelty.

Anyway i got pretty disturbed by that incident so i went to watch some funny videos posted by my friends in Facebook and stumbled across this very, very, Very courageous dude who had the bravery to actually sing in front of the camera lens with a voice like that! hahaha! i was pratically laughing till i almost cried! Here's the video. Enjoy! ;D

If you asked me how many times you have crossed my mind, I would say once, because you never really left…

Friday, October 2, 2009

Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one. 彩虹的旁邊 有星星幾點 迫不及待在眨眼

Im officially fucked for my finals! yeah and my brain doesnt want to start pumping out its Brain Juice. finals is just a month away and im not even halfway through with the revision. so much for trying to be productive during the holidays.
Kit Meng can study one HAI MAI!??

Anyways on a lighter note, im going for a play called Wacky Bar on Sunday night at Jaya 1. Its supposed to be a comedy or something close to it with hot women in it. sincerely i mega doubt whether Amber Chia would be able to crack a joke that would make half of the audience laugh. Heck, you still cant get the best of both worlds! where beauty comes in first and sense of humour comes in lets say, 3rd from the last? its all about face, figure, boobs, and cash right?
No, seriously. im beggining to wonder how happy all the men would be when they wake up finding out that their spouses/fiancees/girlfriends/girlfriend-to-be/Fubu's were to turn into very hot women with Taylor Swift's looks and a body like Jessica Alba's with loads of cash amounting to the numbers of Bill Gates. Im pretty sure every men out there would be so excited the number of accidents on the roads goes to infinity. what about intelligence and the kind heart and attitude of a person? overrated? Go figure!

Anyways i just got a pair of uber super-duper-hyper-more-cool-than-your mama shoes! i got it while i was helping Jun Hin get a ring for his other half. ha! i feel the guilt seeping in already for spending so much cash on a darn pair of shoes.Cheers to the sohai brother and his very retard in an awesome way sister! im glad things are better already.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

你的身影这么近我却抱不到 You're nothing short of my everything.

They say life has so many things to offer. It has now become so mundane and predictable that you have nothing to look forward to the next day. Gone were those carefree times where simple things like walking to the park with no worries plastered on the back of your head whispering guilt where you should be studying, helping out with the house, financial woes, love woes, drug addiction or whatsoever.

It has always been that way where time would just stand still and all your worries washed away like a river carrying pebbles with the flow of water (well in malaysia's case the river carrying loads of rubbish). When you can't tell between fervour, promises, eternity or temptation.

Then again, you have awesome friends to stick by you.4with stupid antics of these people, how can life be mundane anymore ;D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my newfound dream

right. exams week is almost over except for my last paper Econs (damn!) on thursday i have been slacking and rotting at home these past few days with my best buddy, Mankiw, N. G., (2009) Principals of Economics 5th edition, Harvard University. fuuuwahh! now even my referencing is damn good. okay back to the topic. as ive been slacking at home studying for my last paper, i had watch countless youtube videos on High Stakes Poker untill Season 4. After much contemplation, im finally determined to realise my newfound dream. what is it? hahahaha none of u might have guessed. to get enough dough, fly to L.A(Los Angelas if anyone doesnt know what it is ._. ), become a poker legend there and make my name part of history and settle down with my family there. ambitious much? you bet!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

im glad we're still friend.

as the title says! yeah! =D

i still couldnt resist the temptation to post this one though!

classic constipated expressions! hahaha

Monday, February 23, 2009

Of affection, one way streets and falling maple leafs .

yes i know, i seldom do double back to back posts.
but yeah, thinking bout what she said bout spilling your heart felt emotions in my blog. i decided to give it a try.

after all i have been through.pondering, worrying, relapsing back into the constant gloomy mood, i am deciding to put a fullstop to everything.
true, i believe i did not go wrong in what i have done for her but sometimes when it's time to let go you just simply know it.

through ups and downs i stuck by you.
when times were impossible i tried making them possible and less painful though i might fail at times.wait.maybe fail most of the time.
i'll cry with you , smile with you, jump for joy when u g
ot what you always wanted, share the pain ,laughter.
if you could just see it.
anyway a special shout out to
Grace Low,who has stuck with me the entire time. Curing wound after wound, cut after cut and bruise after bruise.
thank you for being there when i needed someone. True now, you're not just someone but a person whom i know i can trust and lay my life
upon. Yeah, the klang bak kut teh offer still stands when i get my car back =)
omggg grace! while i was browsing through your facebook i found this photo of you! i never knew you did modelling!

for now, i'll just let things be and see what time will tell.

of the person who finds joy in simple things and the most genuine and caring among the lot.

to yong sern,happy birthday!

true, things have not been going our way the past few weeks. it doesnt mean due to this our friendship should end here.
i just wanna say thanks for all the memories. be it gay or straight,
whacky and insane,
simple or complicated.
yes i do remember the times my bro and i would spent lepaking at your place, chilling and talking various cock and bull stories.
the time where we swore the oath of being TUBU's ( i shall not mention the meaning of this.Go figure!) and FUBU's(this all of you should know!=p) for life.
when no one but us and shaun (sometimes chee huang)
seek comfort and solace from the time spent owning and getting owned by people in Esteem, Blitzone and even Zone-X.people calling us lifeless and computer freaks did not deter us from doing our thing. even to the point of desperation into coming to our house and pawning the ass out of us in one on one games. puffing all the way in the room opening windows and all.

the times where we go so crazy craving over a puff of sisha and the hogging of a sisha tong stoning and just having massive loads of crazy fun. Be it lame, stupid and dumb i did actually had loads of fun.
the times where u comfort me in the admist of blarring emotions and anger towards someone.
the times u actually went to play basketball for the sake of pleasing us as we constantly bug u to play.which in fact u do play way better then me at times.
do u actually realise that we are the most organised ones. we get all restless when a plan is not planned .(literally) .
i remember the times we were actually suppose to club. and you would go

"Hey whats the plan tomorow!"
"plan?!?! what plan!?! i dont have a plan! crapp!"

and together we start planning into detail everything thats going to happen so nothing screws up.
it was you among the rest who i actually trusted without any doubts into keeping my secrets, dark moments and joyful ones.
you never failed to safeguard them no matter the situation. i never once doubted you. true if you were to ask me into borrowing a thousand bucks i would not hesitate and lend it to you. that was how big was my trust in you.

the time where we could hang out just trashing around talking bout ure past and mine and where it hurt the most. the times we argue over stupid silly things about how much more longer an intense is to dunhill !*how much lamer can our conversations get*

coming to realise after writing this post. we do have a lot in common though buddy.

Monday, February 2, 2009

CNY! Woohooo !!

yessss finally some blogging material worth updatinggg!

ooohhh . i had the best CNY ever! yes, and im not being sarcastic here. you see, CNY is a time where everyone gets the best of both worlds. Confused? Let me elaborate.
you get to spend time gallivanting and woohoo-ing with ure family members/frens/acquaintances/FUBU's/TUBU's/sex partners.
AND YET, At the same time you also get to replenish your wallet which i assume happens to everyone because it's always this case with me.
so yea! there u go! the best of both world! hah!

k i had a totally crazy CNY. the best one through out the 19years i lived! let the pics do the talking.yes, i know, damn yeng right !!got so many "mah chai" samo!
this was at ee mei's house.
taken at hong kiew's place.

fuhh gila posing .at my place !=Dgay much?>.>
and yessss sandiya i missss youuu soooososososososososooso x10000000000 much!

Friday, October 3, 2008


to all my dear avid fellow readers who actually do drop by at this page once in a while or EVER do, i'm happy to announce my love for you all !

reasons for my sudden dissapearance from the social world :
work.(most of you might have guessed my inability to ever manage time properly)

self wallow.
and lastly, emo emo emo and emo.

working isn't that all bad considering i am lucky enough to get more.than.whacky colleagues to mess around and pass boring sessions of IT work with. As so, i'm here to proudly introduce two of my most talented-crap-talking work mates that not only brought joy but also corrupted my pure, goodiegoodie mind into a devilish one.

Introducing, Jonas Wong Ket Seong. A retarded spastic person who actually resembles bits and parts of me.Along with hes ever so witty mouth we terrorise anyone who comes into our path. Pantries and panties go tipsy turvy once we set our targets on them. Oh, and not forgetting HE IS ACTUALLY QUITE AN INTELLIGENT person.

some random facts:
  • he is actually a LADIES' GUY.I shall not explain why due to the risk of him sueing me in court.
  • as retarded as he seems to be, hes level of knowledge pawns almost everyone at work and i believe he owns our boss too =P. i.might.get.fired.for.stating.this.fact.
  • he has a huge scope of vocab on the vulgar field which explains he is my SIFU !
2 words. GILA BABI!

Ini kisah seorang pagan yang teramat gila serta boleh berubah menjadi seorang lelaki miang bila bila masa. tak terlupa muka mimik dia seumpama seorang budak kecil dan juga perangainya yang mirip budak 5 tahun.tak terlupa dia suka mengigau tak tentu masa .

Digelar "huhu king" kerana stail gelakkannya ialah "huhu" dan bukan "haha" atau "hehe". rakan karib aku semasa kerja,lunch partner aku semasa aku tiada pompuan hangat untuk keluar dengan,my-partner-in- crime ,chess partner apabila terlalu bosan ,rakan curi tulang ke pantry berbual bual kosong.

my super "organised" cubicle. the orange thingy on the left is actually a ive already left the company i shall now announce the secret use of the pillow =p i sleep and drool on it on many occasions during the period of my employment .

OOhHHH! i even got caught by my team leader before drooling n sleeping like a dead log. luckily my charm and charisma may have caught her offguard! she even smiled at me !
hahaha! mr.charisma man!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fungus growing all over, literally.

To begin with my really sad sad sad sad sad sad SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD life after finishing my A -levels, lets just say whatever i had in mind about not having to study or a stress free time didnt quietly worked as i planned.

I stayed at home ,ALONE for almost everyday as my parents went to work, my bro to skool. And so to kill my boredom off, i went out almost every single day untill every movie "i watched,i conquered".Also spent money as though my parents were printing them.
Anna and the King.

NOT TO WORRY, the highlight of my holidays, a trip to malacca!To get there, we took two cars, one driven by heng and the other by sam. I have to say this *though i might regret saying it later on*, Sam is a great,terrific,composed,steady driver. And also no thanks to the "Impossible to shut him up" co-driver,Goh Yuan.lets just put it in a nicer way, he was a pain in the ass.(haha that was the best way i could put it)
To excite our journey up, he went to depths of having an
Indoor.All.Action.Car.Fight. To the extend of wanting to wham Ewe Jin with hes SHOE!And not to mention hes-ever-so-consistent statements about every car that passes by about challenging him to a race . Yepp.

Well Yuan wasnt all that bad, im sure with hes croaky laughter he kept Sam awake and focused on the road .!Cheers to him!

upon arrival and checking in the bungalow, I found a frog and a
more-then-amused Heng Hwee went on an expedition to catch it .i commend hes bravery as i myself am freaked out at its size itself.

&& THEY said "lets have TIM KAI for lunch"

So here's our list of activities we did in malacca:
--> Eat upon arrival.
--> watch Tv.
--> played Cluedo.
==>Eat some more.
--> PLayed Poker and got my ass kicked dengan HUTANG DI KELILING PINGGANG.

--> Pool splash no?
-->shopped and EAT YET SOME MORE!
As u guessed, the after effects from EXCESS OF LACTOSE FROM THE CENDOL were not all that lovely.

the main event of the night? the pushing of EVERYONE,girls are also no exception(except mel and hong kiew who locked themselves up in a room) into the nasty,murky,oily,dirty,pungent pool! and im not over exaggerating the condition of the pool!

Later that night in the hotel room....things HYPED up! and i mean really HYPED!@
foursome no? just look at ewe jin's horny expression! i bet hes getting the most pleasure under the pressure =p
here is the stoned Sam and the over-hyper Suet Yi.
and whats not to like about a classic old game of Sek sek sek bom bom bom.

AND THE FOLLOWING DAY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

semasa berjalan-jalan...the girlfren,theboyfren,the gay,the bi

and for the last scene of the day, my car got extra-pimped by i.donno.who .
TADDAAAA!anyways, thanks for the lovely memories guys. =) will be forever cherished!